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Grid Connected Inverter

Description of Grid Connected Inverter

Grid Connected Inverter is a special type of inverter that converts direct current into alternating current and feeds it into an existing electrical grid. Thus they form the heart of every solar energy system.

In the development of Inverters, MRE has thought out new technologies and searched for innovative solutions which finally brought our customers efficient and reliable gird connected inverter.

Grid Connected Inverter, as a high qualityinverter, is provided by China professional inverters manufacturer---Shenzhen Modern Renewable Energy Limited whose other products like off-grid inverter still be sold well among the whole world.

Features of Grid Connected Inverter

→used the up to the minute CPU for Eupec,the efficiency of the systems will be high,with LCD display:input power,output power;input voltage,output voltage, input current ,output current; frequency,temperature and so on.

→base on all numeral controller technology,have many kinds of intelligentize controller function.

→the system used advanced form technology,reduce city power current's aberrance.

→have perfect protect function,the highest dependability of the system.

→have MPPT function,no matter how many power from wind or solar,this grid connected inverter will get the power to the grid .

→low voltage design,can working for wind and solar hybird system.

→ for transformer technique,make100% copper transformers materials

→ electromagnetic compatibility: EN50081,part1 EN50082,part1

→Grid disturbance: EN61000-3-2

→Grid text : DIN VDE 126

→Protection degree:IP 20 or IP65(outdoor)

→Self comsumption at night:0W

Start way: As long as wind turbines or solar panels from the issue of an electric, grid connected inverter can automatically get the power to the grid without needing to manually boot.

This inverter is also directed with a load, working like off grid inverter .



Technical Parameters of Grid connected inverter

Model BF1000 BF2000 BF3000 BF5000
Whole unit data PV modules and power isolation means Low frequency transformer isolation, to meet the PV positive ( or negative ) grounding and the AC side of the zero line grounding requirements
AC Anti-intrusion exchange devices Built-in AC anti-intrusion devices to ensure the safety of PV modules
Module and the input power adapter function No Yes, double modules Yes double modules Yes, three modules
Input data Max. PV array power ( Wp) 1100 2200 3300 5500
Max. PV array open-circuit voltage ( V ) 200/500
MPPT voltage range ( V ) 100—180V / 150---480V
Max. array input curent ( A ) 10 17 22 35
Output data Isolation mode Power circuit with low frequency transformer isolation, the control circuit using onto isolation
Output mode Single-phase three-wire ( L + N + PE )
Rated output power ( KW ) 1 2 3 5
Max. output power ( KW ) 120% × rated power
Allowed range of mains voltage( V ) 160----260V
Allowed range of mains frequency (HZ) 48.5~50.15 HZ or 57HZ~61.5 HZ
Rated output current ( A ) 4.5 9 13.6 22.7
Total harmonic distortion ( THD) <3%
Output power factor >0.995
Max. efficiency >94%
Functions data Detection of anti-islanding With active and passive isolating detection
Short circuit protection Starting protection of automatic restart function,when grid-tied current is larger than 130% of rated current
LCD display Real-time display of input and output voltage, frequency ,output power, output current, work status,etc
Communication and centralized monitoring RS232 / RS485 / SNMP ( options)
Energy metering and electricity calculation With energy metering and electricity calculations, unit price and currency can be seted ( customise )
Nomral data Consumption of power at night 0.5W
Cooling mode Air-cooled
Protection level IP20 ( indoor ) IP65 ( outdoor )
Ambient temperature --20℃ ~~ + 40℃
Noise ( dB) <40dB<50dB
Size ( L×W×H) (mm) 440×350 ×95 500× 450 ×207 500 ×450× 207 475× 230 ×490
Weight ( KG ) 18.5 34.2 43.5 60
Model  BF5K3  BF8K3 BF10K3
Max DC voltage 450V 480V 450V
MPPT voltage range 180V-360V 230V-400V 240V-400V
Open current voltage range 340-400V 360-560V 340-400V
The string quantity(pcs) 5 or 6 pcs 5 or 6,7 pcs 6 or 7 pcs
AC SIDE DATA        
Rate output power 5000W 8000W 10000W
Grid voltage range 160V-280V or 110V-120V
Rate grid frequency range 50HZ(47-51.5HZ) or 60HZ(57-61.5HZ)
Max efficiency 97%
Euro.efficiency 96%
Dimensions(W*H*D) 473*230*421mm
weight 68KG 70KG 73KG
Model BF20K3 BF30K3 BF50K3
Max DC voltage 450V 650V 800V
MPPT voltage range 300V-400V 300V-600V 300V-650V
Open current voltage range 352-400V 360-650V 700-780V
The string quantity(pcs) 8 or 9,10 pcs 10or11,12pcs 16 or17,18 pcs
Rate output power 20KW 30KW 50KW
Grid voltage range 320-415V
Rate grid frequency range 50HZ(47-51.5HZ) or 60HZ(57-61.5HZ)
Max efficiency 97.3%
Euro.efficiency 96.5% 
Dimensions(W*H*D) 600*800*1200mm
 weight 190KG 280KG 360KG

The connect way drawing of Grid connected inverter:

If customers need the vedio for grid inverter test, please feel free to contact us and we will send the vedio to you !

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